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10 Things You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions - Having thin and scanty eyelashes is a predicament, beautiful and thick eyelashes is a dream for such people. Unfortunately, many factors like genetics, age, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, and certain medical conditions play a significant role in the density of your lashes. Hence the better ways to still have long and gorgeous eyelashes is to get an eyelash extension from a reputed salon or to regrow our own eyelashes longer naturally.

 So here’s a handy guide of things to know and consider before you commit to getting lash extensions, ranging from absolutely crucial as written by Jaibun Aisyah, an eyelash extension user.

 1. Decent lash extensions cost need much money. You could change it with a cheaper eyelashes option from a small salon, but considering the horror stories I’ve ever heard that poke into the eye every time the person blinks, irritating glues that leave lids sore and swollen, and dodgy placements that make the wearer look a strange mix of exhausted and hammered, it’s absolutely not worth the risk. If you need to get better lash extensions, you have to prepare to spend quite a lot of money. If you can’t justify spending more than $150 quid on your lashes, you’re much better off with a really great mascara or some kind of falsies.

2. Most salons will charge $1.5 per lash so the cost based on how regularly go for application and how many lashes you’d like – but the cost will add up. Lashes fall out quickly and can look strange if patches fall out. With my first set, I kept the majority of my lashes in for nearly two months. With any second set, however, I only had a few extra long lashes left within the space of three weeks. They looked so strange that my only option was to get a massive batch of infills, or get rid of them entirely. I chose the latter option because I can’t commit to spending cash on near-constant upkeep. If you want lash extensions for a particular event – a holiday, a wedding, whatever – you can treat them as a one-off purchase and accept that they may look a bit funny towards the end of the month. But if you want fluttery lashes longterm, you’ll need to be prepared to invest time and money in frequent top-ups. Most salons recommend popping in for infills every two or three weeks.

3. There are different kinds of lashes with different benefits. It’s not as simple as you think. You’ve got to choose what type you needed. There are mink lashes (lighter and more fluttery, but more expensive), classic (thick, dark, cheaper), Russian (also fluttery and light). Once you’ve chosen that you’ll need to work out what level of curl you’d like – J, B, C, or D. J is the straightest, B is a little curlier, C is even curlier, and D is the curliest. Then you’ll need to consider the application. Could you like more lashes in some place? Do you want to make your eyes bigger looking or more catlike? A good technician will chat this through with you and will not scoff at you for asking questions.

4. You’ll need to have a patch test first before you get lash extensions. If a salon doesn’t ask you to do a patch test, you have to ask a test or get out of there – they clearly aren’t bothered about your comfort. The glue used for lash extensions tends to be pretty great, but be careful it can cause sensitivity or irritation. That’s something you want to be aware before you get it smothered all over your lashline.

5. An application takes a long time about more than an hour because your eyes are closed and have to remain still, you can’t read a magazine or watch TV. I recommend downloading a podcast in advance, listening to a meditation or mindfulness clip, or, if you’re a heavy sleeper, having a little snooze.

6. Your makeup and cleansing routine will have to go through an overhaul Say goodbye to your mascara – you won’t need it unless you want it. But that’s not the only thing you have to bid adieu to. Any kind of oil will break down the glue used to hold your lashes in place, which means you must not apply any cleansers containing oils. Check your bathroom shelf – a lot of your cleansers, soap or tools which have some element of oil. A certain salon will sell their own oil-free micellar cleansers, but I’d suggest just going with Simple’s Eye Makeup Remover – its much cheaper than what your salon’s selling, and it works just as well. Your new lashes might require changing up your eye makeup routine in other ways. Once your lashes are applied, you will not be able to rub them. This might make removing eyeliner or heavy shadow pretty hassle. Getting all of the eyeliner off at the end of the day, wouldn’t dare to brave eyeshadow with lash extensions – you’d never get rid of the stuff.

7. You can’t expose your lashes to makeup or water for at least 24 hours after application This is handy to note, as a lot of people schedule their first lash extension appointment the day of a big event. Do not do that. You won’t be able to apply any makeup for at least a day.

8. You’ll need to be careful when swimming pool activities or be going a sauna You can do either, but doing so might make your lashes fall out more quickly, so it’s best avoided. Again, this is worth knowing if you’re planning to get lash extensions before you go on holiday.

9. Yes, lash extensions make damage your origin lashes But this is only the case if you careless and don’t take care of them. If you have a habit of rubbing your lashes or get frustrated as they become more sparse and take it upon yourself to pick it out (guilty), you will damage the natural lashes underneath. Some bad habits are getting fed up with lashes and pinching them out with stubby little lashes that I hate. If you’re able to resist this temptation, your lashes will be fine. Just make sure you’re not doing constant extensions without a break for more than a few months.

 10. You may become a bit obsessive about aftercare. Once your lashes have extensions added in, all you want is for them to stay in place and look glorious for as long as possible. To this issue, you need to commit to some significant aftercare procedures. That means daily brushing through (if you don’t brush your lash extensions they will criss-cross and look dodgy) and a weekly wash with a special lash cleanser (your technician should supply you with a sachet, but if they don’t, baby shampoo will work just as well). You may take to carrying your little spoolie brush in your bag and regularly brushing your lashes to make them fan out. 


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