Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana

Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana

Advertisement -  Bananas fruits is rich vitamins, mineral, and organic compound content. For many years bananas have been recommended as one of the healthiest choices for fruit consumption due to their amazing nutritional content. Here is the nutrition of banana which includes vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid, and niacin, as well as trace amounts of other vitamins. So, the medicinal benefit In terms of minerals is potassium, manganese, magnesium, and copper. Bananas are also good sources of dietary fiber and protein.

Banana is kinds of tropical fruit. It has been the main fruit for many tropical countries, although the genus of bananas, Musa, is the origin to South and Southeast Asia. So, Musa acuminata is the scientific name for thousand species of banana plant. You can eat banana fruit directly when ripe or is included in fruit salads, juice, and shakes or mixed as banana cake. Don't eat unripe bananas. It can cause severe indigestion and should be eaten only in a cooked or boiled form. Also, bananas are matched toppings for any breakfast cereals or as a snack for a quick burst of energy. They can also be used to make fiber, banana wine, and are included in ornamental decorations.

Bananas are now grown in almost all countries around the world. They could be better grow in a tropical atmosphere. 

A banana tree is the largest flowering herbaceous plant in the world, and although different species exist, all are elongated, slightly curved fruits with a fleshy outer peel that can be easily removed to expose the white to yellow flesh. They grow in clusters near the top of the fruiting plant, and come in a range of colors, including green, red, yellow, and brown (when ripe). The main distinction is between bananas and plantains and while there are not many differences, plantains are smaller with starchier, denser fruits and are traditionally eaten in Asia and other tropical countries. Bananas are more commonly found in Europe and America and are soft, desert fruits. 

The health benefits of banana include reducing your weight or obesity, curing intestinal disorders, relieving constipation, and curing disease conditions such as dysentery, anemia, tuberculosis, arthritis, gout, kidney and urinary disorders. 

The amazing benefit of banana for women is to help with menstrual problems and burns. It has a good reaction for reducing blood pressure, protecting your heart health, boosting metabolism and increase your immunity, reducing the severity of ulcers, ensuring sight, building strong bones, and detoxifying the body.

Health Benefits Of Banana

As this previous articles, Banana has many amazing health benefits, these include the following:

Weight Loss

One piece of banana fruit only has approximately 90 calories. It contains a lot of fiber as well and is easy to digest. Furthermore, it does not contain any fats. Therefore, any overweight persons do not have to eat too many calories of bananas because they are very filling. The roughage will also not make the person feel hungry by inhibiting the release of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. These will reduce overeating, keeping the person healthy, and also helping them lose weight naturally.

Strengthens Your Bones

Bananas are one of the best fruits for keeping strong, healthy bones throughout life because of the presence of fructooligosaccharide, which is a prebiotic and is a good bacteria in our digestive tract that boosts the minerals and nutrients by the body. Specifically, bananas are linked to boosting absorption of calcium. Some bananas also have short-chain fatty acids, which humans cannot absorb, but the organisms that live in our stomach lining can eat these fatty acids, thereby increasing our ability to absorb minerals such as calcium. Calcium is one of the most important elements in the production and rebuild of bone structure. It reduces our chances of getting affected by osteoporosis and natural weakness.


Banana can reduce swelling, inflammation, and irritation from conditions like arthritis and gout. These conditions are very common as people age or if they have a poor or unhealthy diet. Therefore, consume a banana a day to your dietary plan can keep you free of pain for many years.

Promotes Weight Gain

Not only to lose weight, bananas can also be useful for weight gain as well. Mix with milk, banana helps to increase a person’s weight rapidly. Milk provides the necessary proteins and bananas provide the sugars. This nutrition is the main elements to build carbohydrate and it will gain your weight. Furthermore, since bananas are easily digested, an underweight person can gulp 5-6 bananas in a day apart from the regular meals without facing indigestion. This leads to 500-600 calories more. Since bananas have the ability to provide instant energy, sportsmen eat bananas during the breaks in between games for an extra surge of energy.

Treats Piles

Piles square measure characterized by having an issue en passant stools that will cause trauma. it's believed that bananas facilitate in treating piles. Some folks conjointly think about bananas to cause negative effects on the bowels throughout piles as they add plenty of bulk, adding extra pressure on the bowels. However, the first drawback with piles is excretion, and bananas positively stimulate that method. Bananas even have anti-inflammatory drug properties, that facilitate treat piles by reducing the inflammation and associated pain that usually results in cutaneous sensation and a worsening of the condition.

Reduces Constipation

Bananas contain important amounts of dietary fiber and thus facilitate in sleek viscus movements. they're same to thrust out stubborn stools and relieve an individual from constipation. They conjointly facilitate in treating different internal organ disorders. Fiber is in a position to bulk up the stool and facilitate stimulate the body’s peristaltic motion, that facilitates viscus movements through the internal organ track. this may facilitate scale back unhealthy biological process conditions, additionally as large intestine cancer!

Treats Ulcers

For years, bananas are used as associate degree antacid food to assuage upset stomachs. they really do much more than that and might conjointly suppress acid secretion. The organic compounds in bananas stimulate the activity of the cells in our abdomen lining so as to make up a protecting barrier against acids. They conjointly contain peptidase inhibitors, that eliminate the harmful bacterium that is connected to the event of abdomen ulcers.

Prevents urinary organ Disorders

Potassium, in bananas, helps regulate the fluid balance within the body and might ease the strain on the kidneys and encourage excretion. this may facilitate keep toxins from accumulating within the body and rushing up they unleash through redoubled frequency and volume of excretion. moreover, there square measure inhibitor compounds in bananas that completely impact urinary organ operate and therefore the accumulation of poisons, whereas conjointly stimulating the correct functioning of the kidneys.

Improves Vision

Bananas, like several different fruits, square measure filled with inhibitor compounds and carotenoids, additionally as a correct mixture of minerals that may seriously boost the health of your eyes. degeneration, cataracts, moon blindness, and eye disease have all been shown to decrease with traditional intake of bananas and different similar fruits.

Cardiovascular Protection

Bananas square measure made sources of metal, in order that they scale back pressure level. By restful the strain on arteries and veins, blood will flow swimmingly through the body and process varied organs to extend their operations. this may facilitate eliminate hardening of the arteries and therefore the ulterior strokes and heart attacks that square measure therefore usually related to it. The fiber in bananas conjointly scrapes excess cholesterin from the arteries and blood vessels and any reduces stress on the vascular system.

Threats Anemia

Bananas contain high iron content and thus aid in treating anemia since iron is a necessary a part of red blood cells. Bananas even have a big content of copper, that is a very important component within the creation of red blood cells. By increasing red blood corpuscle count, not solely does one forestall anemia, however, you'll be able to increase circulation to all or any elements of the body, thereby oxygenating them and optimizing their practicality.

Relieves catamenial issues

Cooked banana flowers facilitate in providing relief from painful and excessive trauma throughout the cycle and might relieve different catamenial disorders additionally.

Banana FAQ’s

Below we've got mentioned a number of the commonly asked questions about bananas. Let’s take a glance at them currently.

Are bananas good for you?

Bananas square measure nice for you! They’re high in metal, that regulates your pressure level and heart functioning; they’re conjointly nice for digestion and as a healthy snack once you’re on-the-go. They’re versatile too – you'll be able to use mashed banana as a substitute for eggs or butter in baking, that is nice for folks with allergies or WHO wish to lower their fat intake.

Are bananas healthy?

Bananas square measure terribly healthy. once enclosed as a part of a diet, their high metal content helps regulate your pressure level, maintain your heart health, and support your digestion. They conjointly build a good energy-boosting snack.

What vitamins contain in bananas?

Bananas square measure an honest supply of vitamins C and B6. A single, medium-sized banana really provides you concerning V-J Day of the vitamin C you would like daily and concerning thirty third of the adermin, you would like. They’re conjointly a good supply of metal and fiber, therefore a banana every day helps you're taking in an exceeding ton of necessary nutrients.

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