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Blepharitis, Eye Allergy And Phlyctenulosis : 3 Differents Eye Problem, Causes And Treatments - Itchy and sore eyes are very common symptoms of vision problems. The eye is one of the five senses that has more sensitive organs susceptible to allergies and irritations because of the soft eye surface is often exposed to surrounding, such polluted air, and water.

Furthermore, bacteria multiply on the surface of the mucosa of the eye and can cause irritation, reddish looking and not infrequently cause itching, even the discharge secretion or meta fluid often called dirt eye.

However, allergies and other conditions can also cause eye problems such as sore eyes, itching and even swell,  Here is the cause of itchy eyes and the treatments.


Blepharitis is a non-specific infection or inflammation of the eyelid margin. This causes the eye become redness, itching, burning, and irritation. Other symptoms include the number of eye droppings (especially in the morning), the itching sensation like unknown micro object in the eyelid, and temporary blurred vision.

Blepharitis occurs when the bacteria growing excessively on the edge of the eyelid. Eyelid margins are moist surfaces that are almost always colonized by one strain of bacteria or another. There are many substances that support the survival of bacteria in the site, including moisture and the presence of pores on the eyelid. Specifically, when you are rarely clean your eyelids such as the area around the eyelashes. Bacteria on the edge of the eyelid will create a toxic byproduct that irritates it, and the lid of the eyelid itself can become infected and inflamed.

Treatment of blepharitis includes an eyelid cleansing procedure, warm compresses can be applied to help smooth of blood flow and expel debris. Some doctors recommend using a baby shampoo, then being diluted to sterilize the eyelids, although in some cases, it could cause irritation.

Artificial tears during the day can help alleviate irritation. Antibiotic ointment may be used on the eyelids at bedtime to kill the causal bacteria. Sometimes it takes oral antibiotics or is consumed according to the severity of the disease. Another effective alternative for many people is to consume omega-3 supplements in the long term. After about a month of use, omega-3 supplements will reduce the secretion of excess oil and inhibit the process of oil glands in the eyelids.

Eye Allergies

Itchy eyes are usually exposed to allergies, due to constant exposure to the environment. Symptoms that appear other than itchy eyes, namely redness, a lot of tears, and sticky eyes in the morning. In itchy eyes, a person also experiences sneezing or allergic rhinitis, with nasal congestion, itching, and teary.

Oral antihistamines can often relieve symptoms of itchy eyes due to allergies. Eye drops for allergies that are widely available at pharmacies can be effective, although pure eye drops contain decongestants only removes red eyes only. Eyedrops containing Antihistamines will be helpful and sometimes this requires a prescription from a doctor.

The cold compress on the eyes can help to relieve symptoms. Staying away from substances that cause allergies is an effective effort, but it is not possible in all cases because sometimes we do not recognize where the source of the allergy. In severe cases, topical or even oral steroids may be necessary to treat eye allergies.

What causes allergies in the eyes?

With regard to the cause of eye allergies, it is generally caused by makeup applied to the eyelid and surrounding areas. Consider, if you have just changed the type of makeup and then followed by symptoms of itchy eye allergies, it means showing that the new cosmetics as the cause.

Some of the medications you drink can cause allergic reactions first seen around the eyes, with swelling and redness of the petals and skin around the eyes. Some eye medicines, antibiotics, and eye glaucoma drops, and contact lens solutions can cause allergic reactions as well. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, and some people will develop an allergic reaction to certain cosmetic products.

In some people especially those who are young and have no allergies to certain substances, can develop a variant of an eye allergy called "vernal conjunctivitis". This is a seasonal eye allergy, characterized by a large lump under the eyelids and can make severe itchy, watery, and swollen eyelid symptoms.


Phlyctenulosis is a complication of corneal and conjunctival blepharitis. Bacteria on the edge of the eyelids (blepharitis) will release toxins that spread to the eye mucosa layer and irritate the eyes. In this complication, hypersensitivity reactions, or allergic reactions develop in the cornea or conjunctiva.

Symptoms include red eyes, itching, burning, and the sensation that something is ingrained in the eye, especially when blinking. Sometimes white patches can be seen near the edges of the cornea.

Treatment is purposing to treatment underlying blepharitis, and in turn, can help the cornea to heal. This condition is treated with a good response with steroid eye medication. Precautions include cleaning the eyelids to prevent hypersensitivity reactions.


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