No Signs Of Labor At Week 38 Of Pregnancy, Should You Need To Worry ?

No Signs Of Labor At Week 38 Of Pregnancy, Should You Need To Worry ?

Advertisement - If you feel discomfort when stepping on 38 or 39 weeks of pregnancy but no contractions or other signs of labor as estimated day, you don't need to worry. You need to know that the normal pregnancy period is 37 to 41 weeks, so when the pregnancy period towards week 38 and there is still no contraction of labor, it's still fairly normal. But when you have on week 40 or 41 and still no signs of labor, you have to do this specific procedure to stimulate labor.

The doctor will do "wait and see" procedure means you have to watchful for any single sign while labor period is generally the fastest starting at 39 weeks. A doctor needs to wait for the mature fetus for fearing the immature lungs. It's to reduce the risk of the baby breathing problem and this is even dangerous.

How do you know the labor contractions?

During pregnancy, there are two kinds of contractions: fake contractions (Braxton Hicks) and labor contractions (true labor). Fake contractions will occur even if you have not given birth, Braxton Hicks contractions have the following characteristics:

  • A contraction feels unstable, irregular
  • The interval between the two contractions does not get closer (not more often)
  • The duration of the contractions did not last long and strengthen.

Fake contractions generally start at 2nd trimester (13 up to 28 weeks) and more frequently at the 3rd trimester (29 - 40 week). Although this contraction occurs, it does not cause really contrction..

Real labor contractions have the following signs:
  • The interval of contractions is regular
  • It lasts for 30-70 seconds,
  • The longer interval of contraction it gets closer.
True labor contraction will continue unabated, getting stronger, usually, there is a propagation that initially felt on the back then spread to the stomach. When this happens, do the preparation immediately.

What are the true signs of labor?

Based on the contractions of labor as described above, and 38-39 weeks of gestation, here is another sign of labor :

Blood Slime out of the birth canal.
Rupture of membranes characterized by the release of water.
Contractions getting more frequent and stronger.
If the sign appears, It's time to wait for your baby

In conclusion, if the current 38 weeks of pregnancy there is no contraction or signs of labor, you should not worry, all you have to do is to wait for true signs of labor.

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February 04, 2018
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