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10 Amazing Benefits Of Melinjo -The nutritional value of melinjo consist of  Protein 11.8%,  Carbohydrate 70.6% , Lipid 2.4% , Ash 2.2% , Moisture 9.1% , Energy(kcal/100g) , and Polyphenol.  The health benefits of melinjo include boost your stamina, prevent aging and skin health. They also improve healthy kidney, heart, prevent anemia and vision care. By offering an antioxidant defense, they also encourage a better immune system.

What are Melinjo ?

Who doesn't know about gnetum gnemon ? Melinjo is what we call them in Indonesia. Melinjo is refined throughout the country.  The leaves, flowers, and seeds are used as an ingredient in numerous dishes. Melinjo seeds are accustomed to manufacture emping. Emping is accessible within the well-stocked Asian modern and traditional market. in addition, Melinjo tree provides numerous edges. within the villages, it provides shade that makes the pleasant living conditions throughout the intense tropical heat. In the Indonesian agro-forestry, Melinjo tree is taken into the important plant.

Gnetum fruit grows in teams on the stems and branches of the stem. Gnetum gnemon fruit wrapped in a very skinny on the surface and exhausting on the framework layer. The unripe fruit has inexperienced skin. color can amendment from inexperienced, yellow and red once ripe. The ripe fruit to collapse themselves while not being picked. half Gnetum gnemon fruit which will be used from the skin of the fruit for snacks likewise as vegetables and fruit to be used as chips, vegetables and a spread of alternative snack product. Seed size will vary from 1 cm to 3 cm.

Health Benefits Of Melinjo

1. Boost Immunity

The highest natural content within the fruit gymnospermous tree is great ingredients. The advantages of antioxidants can work to strike all the free radicals within the body and boost the system. Material content of antioxidants found in melinjo tree will work like antioxidant found in fruits.

2. Prevent Aging

Premature aging is caused by atom attack which may build the skin look older. Premature aging of the skin characterized by progressively wrinkles, dark spots and skin that's not elastic. Melinjo fruit consumption on an everyday basis will forestall premature aging ingredients as a result of natural antioxidants in fruit melinjo.

3. Natural Ingredients for cardiovascular disease

Material edges of antioxidants found in fruits melinjo, conjointly excellent for preventing high-pressure level. The high-pressure level will cause diseases like stroke and heart complications. Special proteins found in fruit melinjo might solve the matter of high-pressure level. but melinjo mustn't be consumed in excess.

4. Strengthen Memory

Melinjo fruit inhibitor content might conjointly facilitate improve memory. This happens as a result of melinjo tree is one sort of tree that's enclosed within the Ginko plant or plants that are helpful to enhance memory. Melinjo fruit will strengthen memory as a result of it will support the expansion of dormant cells within the brain and blood.

5. Being Ingredients Natural Preservatives

The ensuing extract of the fruit contains plenty melinjo natural flavonoids and antioxidants. These materials clothed to be wonderful natural preservatives to preserve bound foods. Melinjo for health edges of fruit will scale back the potential for the event of bacterium and fungi on food. Even the preparations of melinjo need no preservatives and survive long while not musty or broken.

6. Increase Stamina

Melinjo fruit might be one among the snacks that truly will increase stamina. Melinjo fruit is processed into a spread of snacks in a simple manner. lightweight snacks that aren't solely filling and low in calories however conjointly build the body become a lot of ardent. once he was tired and dispirited, try and consume a snack of chips or processed from fruit ingredients melinjo.

7. Smooth Urine

When urine is not smooth then all urinary system could face problems. There are various causes such as bacteria and urinary system that is not smooth. To overcome this, can consume the fruit melinjo. But if it is not effective then could try to use the steam from melinjo stewed fruit.

8. Stop Anemia

Anemia will occur as a result of the body’s loss of red blood cells which will cause no enough O within the body. Then anemia can cause the body to become additional weak, tired, and dispirited. Headaches and lightheadedness became a serious disorder that causes the body to become progressively weak. Melinjo fruit consumption may increase the quantity of red blood cells which will facilitate overcome anemia.

9. Treat Wounds

If exposed to bite wounds or alternative injuries which will be treated with fruit leaves melinjo. you'll be able to try and pound the leaves melinjo with further garlic. Apply on the wound for a couple of moments then rinse with clean water. Luka is dry quickly as a result of the content of natural antioxidants within the leaves melinjo.

10. Preventing heart condition

Heart disease is one amongst the leading causes of death in the world. This unwellness isn't straightforward to acknowledge as a result of the symptoms usually occur suddenly and gentle symptoms that aren't simply visible. to beat this, the melinjo feeding fruit often will cut back the danger of heart condition. The content of antioxidants and flavonoids square measure sensible for maintaining heart health.

Tips to consume Melinjo 

Melinjo is mostly employed in Malay and Indonesian cuisines. The young inflorescences, leaves and ripe fruits square measure poached as vegetables. There are some ways to eat melinjo. People’s habits conjointly vary to consume fruits melinjo. Here  some tips to consume fruits melinjo:

In Malaysia, young shoots and leaves are widely used with ocean food like prawns and fish within the coconut milk or additionally employed in the spicy soups. Seeds are eaten cooked, raw, cooked and processed into balmy or flat cakes. In state and terra firma Malaysia, the sun-dried cakes are prepared as emping. Emping is consumed with gado-gado, rice or as a snack with occasional or tea.
Melinjau could be a very important ingredient for Sayur Asem that consists of peanuts, melinjau, jackfruit, chayote, carambola fruit, tamarind and long bean.

The leaves square measure wont to wrap the food. The seed includes a fleshy coating that is deep-fried and produces a chewy snack. Its feminine strobile, young leaves Associate in Nursing male strobili square measure used as an ingredient in the ancient vegetable curry that is named kuah pliek.In Pidie, keureupuk muling is formed from the ripe fruit.
Leaves, seeds and flowers square measure used as an important ingredient in dishes.

Side-effects of Melinjo

Too much-Consuming melinjo as boiled fruit or cracker (emping) can increase uric acid levels. A very recommended amount is about 5 grains per day. Purine compounds contained in emping melinjo also has negative impacts such as adenine that can reduce growth, increase purine enzyme activity in the liver, changes in purine urine excretion patterns, increased urine volume and kidney health.


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