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Health Benefits of Bromelain or Pineapple - How it is of the Essence to Your Health - According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates food labeling through the National Labeling and Education Act, in 1 cup chunks (165 g) consists of  Sodium 2mg,  Potassium 120mg, Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%, Dietary Fiber 2g 8%, Sugars 11g , Protein 1g, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 131%, Calcium 2%, Iron 2%.

If you are reading this article, then you are fishing for information on the benefits of bromelain. If I could just pat you on the back right now, I would. Bromelain is very essential for your health and this is the right time for you to know how it can possibly improve your health and wellness.

Getting To Know Bromelain

We all know pineapple-most of us love it. But we are not all aware of the potent enzyme entrenched by Mother Nature in it. Yes, I am talking about Bromelain.

This is an enzyme abundant in pineapples that can aid in the breaking down of proteins in our body and can hinder the appearance and the progress of a multitude of diseases, some of them fatal to humans.

Pineapple bromelain, as we should fondly call it, has been a prized possession by many medicinal practitioners. As a natural treatment, it works wonders.

Benefits of Bromelain as an anti-inflammatory agent

The arthritis-afflicted would probably get their hands on the first pineapple that they see when they hear that this fruit is rich in an enzyme that can effectively alleviate inflammation and swelling brought about by arthritis. Similarly, other joint disease sufferers can also benefit from it as well.

Benefits of Bromelain for the heart impaired

Nature has graced us with an abundant supply of blood-thinning food sources. Marine animals are one of them, thus the appearance of fish oil supplements, and now, pineapples which are rich in Bromelain have been identified as another source of blood-thinning enzyme.

It can effectively prevent blood clotting which results in a stronger exertion of the heart to pump blood. Blood clotting is also one of the reasons why artery plaque build-up happens. These things contribute to the development of many cardiovascular diseases.

Additional Health Benefits

The above-mentioned benefits-those are just the major ones. Bromelain can also help those with muscular aches and pains, those suffering from asthma, hay fever, and colds.

Do you have skin disorders? This enzyme can help you in your condition too. Up your immune system defenses by loading up on this enzyme and chase away the cold virus.

How you can enjoy bromelain health benefits

Pineapples are not abundant all year long and I am sure there are a lot of you who don't really care for the taste of pineapples. But this does not mean you should skip the benefits of this enzyme altogether.

There is an easier way to experience its full potential and this is through supplementation. One supplement we found remarkable is Total Balance supplement manufactured by Xtend Life Natural Products. They saw the potential of this enzyme along with other vitamins, minerals, and essential compounds and have produced a safe supplement with the utmost quality.

I know the benefits of bromelain are appealing to you, I myself am wowed by its promise of gifts to our health. So consult your physician now for a supplementation of this nutrient. Try Total Balance and you will be amazed at the results.


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