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10+ Amazing Health Benefits Of Calamus Root - Calamus (Acorus calamus) is a flowering plant of a tall wetland monocot species belong to Acoraceae family. It is a favorite plant in many titles including beewort, bitter pepper main, flag main, gladdon, myrtle flag, lovely flag, sugary sedge as well as others.  It gets the rhizome that can be utilized as a normal medicine since in the past by ancestors.

The calamus plant actually originates from the Native North American Indians. They make use of the calamus as energy and religious tools. Besides that, it was also employed by the traditional Egyptian as an aphrodisiac- a love medicine to increase sex.

10+ Amazing Health Benefits Of Calamus Root

However, the utilization of calamus root is not merely about recovery and religious uses, but it additionally includes culinary things. For situations, calamus root is often used to replace the other supplement and seasoning such as ginger and cinnamon. For the reason that the calamus main tasted lovely, sour, and heating qualities.

The chief componentsof calamus root are acorenone, alpha calacorene, alpha aselinene, beta gurjunene, beta asarone, calamendiol, calamusenone, camphone, iso shyobunine, and shyobunone. Those components lead the calamus main to become a fascinating flower with a lot of health benefits for all of us as below:

1. Stimulate the Blood vessels Circulation

The first health good thing about calamus main is to activate the blood flow. The hot impact created by the essential oil astiri of calamus main can smooth the blood vessels flow and nerves. It really is helpful for you if you have a pain and bloating which is associated with rheumatism, joint disease, and gout.

2. Relaxation

Besides calamus main is employed to even the blood flow, it can also be utilized as a leisure. For the reason that the calamus root has a solid aroma which can calm the stressed spams. That is why the calamus root is usually used to alleviation the disruptions and stressed afflictions.

3. Prevent Infections

The benefit of calamus main for health is also in a position to prevent the attacks, either internally or externally. Because of its toxic chemical, the calamus main is definitely an antibiotic which will not allow any biotic progress.

4. Improve the quality of Storage 

The effectiveness of calamus main doesn't stop till here, matching to several options, calamus root is also in a position to improve the quality of memory space, especially to those individuals who go through the brain harm or have lost storage area due to increasing age, stress or any other reason.

5. Treat Insomnia

The aroma of calamus root which can give a soothing sensation can be handy to treat sleep problems. This tranquilizing result can help to relax the body and your head which also attaches to your best quality. 

6. Treat the Sore Throat

When you have a negative sore throat, you can test to produce a tea of calamus root. It can benefit you to alleviate the pain the effect of a sore throat.

7. Raise the Appetite

Having less appetite can be carried out using the calamus root and matsutake mushroom health advantages. Calamus root is believed that it's able to raise the desire for food. Besides that, the calamus root can also lower the acidity of your belly.

8. Respiratory Reliefs

Sometimes, there are specific diseases which can result in a trouble of the respiratory such as bronchitis, sinusitis etc. To be able to treat them, you may use the calamus main. The calamus main is effective to alleviate the respiratory by inhaling its aroma. In addition, it can be great with the benefits associated with exercise for circulatory and the respiratory system.

9. Contain an Antioxidant and Anti Bacterial

As medical benefits arnica, the calamus main is also recognized to come with an antioxidant and antibacterial property which can be good to take care of the pain of contamination or inflammation.

10. Prevent Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the diseases which is triggered by neuron system destruction. One work of preventing the epilepsy is by using the calamus root.

Other Benefits

It can be applied to treat neuralgia, which is caused related to the pressure exerted on the Ninth Cranial Nerve by the surrounding blood vessels, triggering acute pain and swelling. Calamus root makes the blood vessels contract and reduces pressure on the cranial nerve. Furthermore, related to its numbing and tranquilizing effect on the brain and the nerves, it reduces feelings of pain. This oil is also applied for the treatment of headaches and vertigo, along with being a sedative

Recommendation Absorption of Calamus Root

Calamus root can be carried out in a number of ways, such as:

Eaten as an herb

The Native People in the USA are being used to slice the calamus main into bits and chew up it instantly to consider the effect.

Made Tea

You can even benefit from the calamus main into a glass of tea for the huge benefits.

Combined into powder

As the other natural herb plants, calamus main can be combined into natural powder. The Native Us citizens are usually merging it with a cigarette in order to alleviate a headache.

Essential oil

Calamus root is extracted in Steam distillation method to produce essential aromatic oil

Despite the fact that the calamus main is included among the herbal remedies which are made up of a whole lot of benefits for health. You mustn't lower your focus on the extreme care of side results which may eventually you after using/eating the calamus main. The overdose of the petrol can induce slight hallucinations.

Large dosages of calamus root may increase abdomen secretions. Calamus is known as to be mutagenic and scheduled to genotoxic properties, It is not suggested for pregnant women.


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