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10+ Wonderful Green Lipped Mussel Health Benefits - The reason for green lipped mussel benefits is because of the nutrient profile of the raw mussel. The nutrients include Proteins and amino acids, Omega-3 essential fatty acids, Glycosaminoglycans, Complex carbohydrates, Vitamins, and minerals.

The green lipped mussel has become increasingly recognized for providing some very important health benefits. These benefits are the result of the raw benefits having a nutrient composition that is so diverse it is called one of the most complete whole foods that are known.

10 Wonderful Green Lipped Mussel Benefits

Green Lipped Mussel  Benefits

Of these nutrients, the omega-3 fatty acids and the glycosaminoglycans and most associated with the primary benefits from the green lipped mussels - these benefits are inhibiting and reducing inflammation and giving pain relief and management for problems from swollen joints and arthritis.

Omega-3: This is a very important and powerful anti-inflammatory. As an essential fatty acid, it is something that we can only get through diet or through taking omega-3 supplements.

Considering that excess inflammation is one of the primary causes of health problems, there is no wonder that omega-3 supplements one of the most highly recommended. When I first started taking them, it was on the suggestion of two separate doctors I was going to - I was told that these were the one supplement that I needed to take.

It is important to note just how powerful green lipped mussel omega-3 is - this comes from a study that was done. Dr. Howard Peiper, when doing research for titled 'The Truth About Fish Oil', compared the mussel omega-3 with salmon fish oil.

His conclusions were:

(1) the mussel omega-3 was over 200 times more powerful than the salmon oil 
(2) the mussel omega-3 was thus far more effective in reducing inflammation 
(3) the mussel omega-3 was revolutionary for being able to produce essential fatty acid supplements.

Glycosaminoglycans: These are naturally found in our bodies. Chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate, which are compounds included in this group, are commonly used supplements for joint problems and arthritis.

The reason for these to be used in supplementation for this problems is related to the function they provide in our bodies, and the situation that as we age the quantity of these in our body diminish - the specific functions include:

· Lubricating our joints
· Taking care of our connective tissues
· Repairing and growing our cartilage

Glycosaminoglycans supplement use has shown mixed results. Reasons for this could be related to the quality of the components in the supplement compared to the quality of what is in the mussel supplements. For instance, I have heard of the shells of different shellfish being crushed for the source - they do contain some chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate, but not in the same concentration or quality that is needed to be more bio-available when taken.

Another way the results could be improved is with the inclusion of a highly powerful anti-inflammatory like omega-3, and as discussed the mussel omega-3 is a terrific source.

If a supplement is going to be beneficial for reducing inflammation and managing joint problems - then the green lipped mussel supplements, which has this as their primary benefits, is a supplement that is going to be able to do this.

1. For Nervous System

Your stressed system plays a substantial role as it pertains to regulating your complete body. Various studies show that Lipped mussels can increase the working of nerve skin cells. It boosts tissues, bone, and muscle level of sensitivity. Furthermore, this function allows self-regulating the body effectively which brings about improved metabolism, energy, dexterity, and ambiance.

2. Maintains Immune System

A solid disease fighting capability can struggle with cancerous skin cells, infectious bacterias, and free radicals. These factors are highly harmful and can be harming your health in various ways. Among the lesser-known attributes of Lipped mussels is conditioning your disease fighting capability.

It is stated that if you include a sufficient level of Lipped mussel into your daily diet, its antibacterial property will induce the introduction of antibodies that help defend against dangerous factors within you.

3. Promotes blood Circulation

A proper blood circulation is necessary to market the functioning of every body system. In case there are weak or busted arteries, this blood circulation becomes a headache and brings lots of medical issues. A balanced blood circulation is also necessary to improve healing up process and energy.

This problem is thought to control atherosclerosis and symptoms that can result in a coronary attack. The enzymes found Lipped mussels can perform these functions effectively. Lipped mussels are a powerhouse of varied minerals that enhance arterial wall surfaces facilitating your cardiovascular health.

4. Goodies Fertility Problems

A study unveiled that Lipped mussels can promote the expansion of fluids within you to take care of fertility in men and women. However, it is preferred to check with most of your care provider as it pertains to serious health issues like infertility - then you should avoid self-medication.

5. For Joint disease and Joint Pain

Senior people tend to be falling victim to joint disease and joint pain. The challenge usually occurs anticipated to bone deterioration. Eating foods enriched with potassium is thought to promote bone relative density stopping it from the potential risks of age-related diseases.

Nutritionists advise that incorporating Lipped mussels into the dietary program can reinforce your joint parts combating inflammation. Also, there are significant chances that it can help minimize symptoms of age-related joint issues like a joint disease.

6. Strengthen Bone fragments and Teeth

Lipped mussels are a blend of essential vitamins and organic and natural compounds. This nutrition is a shield against factors which could weaken your bone or tooth. Moreover, eating Lipped mussel provides steadiness and longevity preserving the entire health of the body.

7. Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract

Nutritionists claim that Lipped mussels contain gastro enzymes. They are able to treat damage to your belly lining which is generally caused by irritation reducing drugs. Additionally, it is said to repair issues of the gastrointestinal system that occur scheduled to rays and chemotherapy. However, you should check with your physician before eating Lipped mussels when working with gastrointestinal system problems.

8. Anti-aging Food Source

Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids are tremendous nutrition as it pertains to keeping your health. You are able to treat various major or trivial diseases only by including omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. These nutrients defend against factors that donate to early increasing age and damage body organs in the effect. Various interior and exterior elements can put you at the chance of premature aging such as smoking, processed food items, free radicals within you, etc. These factors are dangerous as they may damage your body, epidermis, and hair.

9. For Fresh Skin

You must never ignore the probable of free radicals. They cause oxidative stress to your system including your skin area. This oxidative stress damages the skin cells and cells of your skin layer which eventually lead to early lines and wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy epidermis.

You may control the problem via eating Lipped mussels. The meals source can do magic due to numerous nutrients within it. The nutrition goes deep into your skin layer and rejuvenates harmed cells preserving the youthfulness of your skin layer effectively.

10. Promotes HAIR REGROWTH

Not forgetting, healthy hair improves your current appearance. Natural resources like Lipped mussels are a safe option if you want to sustain the fitness of nice hair. These resources are clear of chemicals and chemical preservatives.

Moreover, flowing hair health is dependant on two elements i.e. a wholesome head and a nourishing diet. A wholesome scalp will bolster hair roots promoting hair regrowth whereas a well-balanced diet will aid the procedure by using minerals and vitamins. Lipped mussels are a storehouse of potassium, health proteins, omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. These nutrients are essential to take as they enhance hair growth very quickly span.

11. Prevents Asthma

You could treat a draining condition like asthma with Lipped mussels as well. The flexible kinds of seafood possess anti-inflammatory properties. These properties show a significant decrease in symptoms associated with asthma as they help defend against bacteria that donate to the condition.


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