17 Best Home Remedies for Scabies

17 Best Home Remedies for Scabies

Onhealthmeup.com - Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused due to the infestation by a microscopic eight-legged parasitic and crawling mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei. This mite digs into the skin multiply causing severe itching. The mites that attack humans are female and are 0.3mm-0.4mm in length. Norwegian scabies is a more devastating form of scabies. It is named so because the type was first noticed in Norway in the mid 19th century. Norwegian scabies is also known as crusted scabies. Scabies usually spread and take the form of epidemics, especially in public hospitals, long-term care facilities etc. It is common among homeless masses, but can also attack any socioeconomic group.

Scabies spreads through direct, close contact. One can catch the infection through sharing bedclothes, sexual contact, shaking hands and even hanging one's garment next to the garment of one who has scabies. Webs of fingers, wrists, armpits, back of the elbow, around the waist, umbilicus, around nipples, genital areas, groin, knees, buttocks, and soles of feet are areas more prone to scabies infestation. Scabies causes tiny red bumps on the skin. Each bump contains a mite and may also contain blood crusts.

17 Best Home Remedies for Scabies

Symptoms of Scabies

1. Red bumps or blisters on the skin
2. Red, brown or gray thread-like lines on the skin which may be 2 mm-15 mm long.
3. Desire to scratch
4. The feeling of intense itching
5. Sleepless night due to relentless itching.

Home Remedies for Scabies

1. Turmeric

The spice is a powerhouse of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory components. Turmeric is also called an immunity booster. Various studies have demonstrated the spice effective against infectious bacterias. Consuming turmeric on a regular basis will keep several internal or external infections away including scabies.

You can also make a paste made out of equal levels of powdered Indian lilac (neem), turmeric, and drinking water. Apply this concoction on the damaged areas of your skin layer carefully. You will learn vibrant consequence within 15 times.

2. Sandalwood

Sandalwood contains recovering and calming properties that are crucial to healing annoyed skin. You should use powdered sandalwood with normal water as a solution to reduce irritation and inflammation of your skin layer. The antimicrobial the different parts of the herb can not only heal your skin an infection but impede its reoccurrence at the same time.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is a storehouse of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes. It can benefit relieve severe itchiness and reduce infection. The bactericidal aftereffect of the oil pays to against mites that donate to scabies. You may apply tea tree petrol with a carrier engine oil on the swollen skin to relieve it effectively.

4. Neem Leaves and Oil

Neem or Indian lilac is made up of antibacterial, antiparasitic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. These components are essential to eliminate mites to enough time starting point of scabies again. You can only just apply the essential oil on the afflicted area once and for all 20 minutes and let your skin layer soak the benefits. 

A paste made out of dried and powdered neem leaves, equal amounts of turmeric powder and mustard oil also can be quite helpful in healing scabies lesions.

5. Cardamom

It really is a functional spice. You can not only make use of it for flavoring, but it can treat various pores and skin problems including scabies as well. It includes anti-infective and rejuvenating result. Both factors can help eliminate mites and treat your infected pores and skin. Cardamom is also a powerhouse of antioxidants which is vital to maintaining a wholesome immune system. A dynamic immunity can help deal with scabies effectively.

6. Aloe Vera

It wouldn't be incorrect to declare that aloe vera is a wonderful flower. The gel produced from it can boost the health of your skin. You could treat scabies with aloe vera gel. It includes healing and tranquilizing results on the wounds or swollen skin alike. Making use of gel on the annoying skin on a regular basis will relieve itchiness very quickly.

7. Clove Oil

Clove petrol is mild. You are able to massage your contaminated pores and skin with it to increase the healing process. The petrol possesses therapeutic impact. It moves deep into your skin layer and removes contamination making sure it will not appear again. Therapeutic massage your skin layer with clove olive oil and leave it for a quarter-hour to progress results.

8. Onion Juice

Onions are a storehouse of anti-inflammatory properties. There is also a sufficient level of silicon and sulfur in the onions as well. This nutrition is thought to destroy eggs of mites stopping the further pass on of the problem. You could apply onion drink to cure your influenced epidermis. However, it is preferred to wash your skin layer immediately if it triggers severe irritation immediately after application. And check with your skin layer specialist to obtain the right treatment.

9. Citronella Oil

This lesser-known essential oil comes from a little herb called lemongrass. Various studies have proven it as a repellent of pests. You should use citronella petrol to defend against transmissions including scabies. It includes healing properties that assist you to get over the skin contamination quickly.

You are able to apply the essential oil on your bare skin area for ten minutes and clean it off as you usually would. And, you can include few drops of the olive oil into the bathing tub to remove scabies very quickly. It is assumed that the aroma of lemon also takes on a substantial role in keeping mites and parasite away.

10. Warm water

The patient may take a bath in water as warm as he or she can tolerate, and then quickly take a bath in chilled water. The mites will not be able to bear this sudden shift of temperature and will get killed.

11. Bark Powder of Peepal

The bark of peepal tree may be dried, used in powdered form to dust the lesions of scabies.

12. Drumstick leaves juice

One may boil the juice extracted from 400-500 grams of drumstick leaves along with sesame seed oil, and apply the solution on the scabies rashes. The solution would function as an anti-microbial solution.

13. Juice of apricot leaves

The juice of apricot leaves can effectively treat scabies.

15. Jojoba

Jojoba plant extracts can effectively treat scabies.

16. Citrus Juice

Rinsing the body with citrus juice is a way to kill scabies mites.

Safety measures for Scabies

Scabies can reoccur if chlamydia is not taken out entirely. It could transfer from one person to some other person as well. You should be vigilant when experiencing scabies and take the next precautions.

You must keep bed linens and clothing very clean to avoid re-infection on your skin layer.
Be sure to vacuum carpet and clean your home carefully including furniture to remove tiny mites.
Once you face scabies, make an effort to limit your vulnerability and stay static in one room. In this manner, you impede the growing of scabies to other folks and your household pets alike.
It is well worth noting that skin contamination brings uncontrollable irritation. You need to avoid scratching the itchy or afflicted skin. It will not relieve your trouble and can make it more serious. Healthcare specialists claim that scratching irritated skin area makes it second-degree pores and skin infection.
You may well not consider it but stressing over scabies make a difference it adversely. You must invest hard work in the procedure rather than fretting about skin infection.
Also, eating a nutrient thick diet is vital to get the instant consequence. Try to include foods with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to increase the healing process.
You can also detoxify the body in this problem to heal inflammation and irritation.


There is absolutely no denying that scabies can be an annoying yet dismantling epidermis infection. Manage to survive to anticipate when it infects your skin layer. You can decide for natural treatment in this framework and take safe practices precaution as well to aid your healing process. Despite that, it's advocated to check with your skin layer specialist for an intensive exam to avoid further skin surface damage.

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