Skip to main content - Nutrition fact of betel leaves contain 3.1% of calories, 12.8% of protein, 3.2% of carbohydrate, and 0.1% of fat in it. In 100 gm of betel leaves contain 0.15 mg of thiamin, 0.25 mg of riboflavin, 0.7 mg of niacin and 3 mg of vitamin C in it. Betel leaves also contain mineral  7 mg of sodium, 550 mg of potassium, 390 mg of calcium, 80 mg of phosphorous and 8.10 mg of iron.

Betel leaf is beneficially in promoting your body health. This leaf belongs to Piperaceae family, which include pepper and kava. It really is commonly used by Asian people as betel quid or in paan, with Areca nut and/or cigarette. Additionally, in Hindi, Betel leaf is recognized as 'Paan Ka Patta' while in Telugu it is almost always called as 'Tamalapaku'. In Indonesia and Malaysia is named " daun Sirih". Further, the herb can increase up to at least one 1 m long. It includes waxy renewable and has heart-shaped leaves which if the leaves are smashed, it has the cool peppery aroma. Furthermore, this natural herb is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

33 Incredible Benefits Of Betel Leaves

Betel leaf has a heart-shaped and was used as a treatment for many years back. In India, Betel leaf can take part to be used after the food. People there used to chew up betel leaves to get medical benefits associated with it. Also, it is presumed that betel leaf comes with an important role to detoxicate blood vessels and providing antioxidant nutrition. It really is proven by the use of the leaves to market cardiovascular function and being such a great anti-inflammatory. Indeed, betel leaf has a good purifying function to your body.

Hence, if you need to really know what will be the uses of betel leaf, then feel absolve to check the set of health benefits associated with betel leaf below :

1. Way to obtain Beneficial Nutrients

Providing tannins, chavicol, phenyl, propane, a sesquiterpene, cineole, alkaloid, and sweets makes betel leaf a great prospect to be the best in dealing with health problems. Additionally, with great nutrition contained, it can help to promote your body performing as well as retaining the entire health.

2. Way to obtain Antioxidants

If you chew up betel leaves, it can help you to increase the development of ascorbic acidity in the saliva. While ascorbic acidity is recognized as the fantastic antioxidant nutrient, then it can help you to keep up your body health. Indeed, antioxidant nutrition within betel leaf will help you protect against virus and bacteria. 

3. Prevents Free Radicals

As have defined before, betel leaf has a good way to obtain antioxidants. This antioxidant nutrition help prevent free radicals result which originates from bad environmental publicity and waste. Also, as betel leaf stops free radicals, then it will enable you to prevent certain health issues including cancer.

4. Functions as Anti-Inflammatory

People must discover a way to eliminate swelling because the infection can induce the certain health issues including insufficient heart performing. Therefore, eating best foods can help package with. As this post has defined betel leaf, then having betel leaf which really is a good way to obtain antioxidant can also become an anti-inflammatory agent. Then, if you ingest betel leaf regularly, then you are prepared to raise the body health by protecting against certain infectious diseases including joint disease and asthma.

5. Prevents Constipation

What's constipation? Well, constipation is some sort of digestive function system problem as the occurrence of hard stools or having troubles transferring stools. This disease is also called the hard or infrequent condition of bowel motions to pass. The sources of this disease are various like the occurrence of too much drinking water which is soaked up from food. Furthermore, physical inactivity and certain medications may are likely involved that occurs this disease.
To cope with constipation, you will include much fiber foods in what you eat. For example, you can eat sorts of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to avoid from constipation. Besides, as betel leave has great antioxidant nutrient, it can help you to regulate the PH degree of an upset abdominal. Therefore, it is effective to avoid constipation. Just nibbling betel leave regularly can enable you to have a wholesome digestion system.

6. Prevents Gastric Pain

Betel leaf because of its nutrients really helps to reduce acidity and control the imbalanced PH degrees of the stomach. Because of this, it also maintains the duodenum clear of waste and free radicals vulnerability. While your belly is getting the optimum PH levels, then you'll be clear of gastric pain. Further, the bloating is can also ease insurance firms betel leaf to consume.

7. Increases Hunger

As described before, betel leaf really helps to balance the PH degrees of the abdomen. Thus, it is effective to improve the food cravings. Indeed, normal PH levels cause the being hungry hormone greatly. Because of this, betel leaf isn't only beneficial to take away the toxins but and yes it is excellent to boost your appetite.

8. Promote Digestive function System

As you may have read above, betel leaf takes on an extremely excellent role to advertise healthy digestive function system. By nibbling betel leaf after meals can enable you to have gastrointestinal-protective properties. Also, you can boil betel leaf and drink it as an instantaneous get rid of for indigestion. Hence, if you could see an alternative solution way to keep up healthy digestive function system, then the trend is to try to take in betel leaf as a choice?

9. Serves as Analgesic

It is presumed that betel has good properties to be this analgesic. It provides you to really have the great leaf that can rest from pain. Because of this, insurance agencies betel leaf, it can help to ease the pain brought on by bruises, slashes, rashes, and other sorts of inflammation. You should use betel leaf to help ease the pain through the use of betel leaf paste to the bruised area. Besides, ingesting betel leaves in drinking water is also be considered a great idea to cope with pain.

10. Have Antiseptic Benefits

Because of the polyphenols within betel leaf including chavicol cause you to have a great antiseptic gain. Consequently, it can help you to definitely have a dual safety with bacteria by eradicating the occurrence of germs. Not merely with the, it is effective to treat an infection such as joint disease. Indeed, betel leaf is absolutely proclaiming to offer you excellent health advantages as well.

11. Have Anti-fungal Benefits

As the outcome, due the fantastic nutrients comprised, betel leaf performs a role to own great anti-fungal. Indeed, gnawing betel leaf enables you to have a natural solution for stopping fungal infections.

12. Relieves Cough

Among great health benefits associated with betel leaf is just how it can help you to help ease a continuous coughing. This gain is from the occurrence of antibiotics which decrease the swelling in the neck. Hence, if you have problems with a cough, it is strongly recommended to own boiled betel leaves in them to drink regularly.

13. Relieves Headache

Betel leaf benefits can be utilized as an all natural treatment of a pain. Because it has analgesic and air conditioning properties, it has been a good remedy for many who have problems with a headache. Furthermore, making use of betel leaf on the forehead will be good to alleviate headaches.

14. Snacks Diabetes

Additionally, it is shown that eating betel leaf regularly will treat diabetes. The leaf of betel is made up of great nutrition including riboflavin and vitamin C. Therefore, if you need to regulate your blood sugar, then have betel leaf as it is a superb anti-diabetic property.

15. Goodies Respiratory Problems

Enjoying boiled betel leaves regularly really helps to treat respiratory problems including a coughing and cold. In addition, it helps to offer with difficulty in breathing such as asthma. For the tips, if you need to include some flavor to the boiled drinking water of betel leaves, then make an effort to add cinnamon to truly have a scrumptious drink.

16. Goodies Bronchitis

Another health benefit for betel leaf is just how it becomes an all natural cure for bronchitis. Indeed, with the fantastic nutrients within betel leaf can help ease the swelling of the bronchial cable and lungs.

17. Snacks Urinary Problem

Betel leaf has the advantage to take care of urinary problem including scanty or obstructed urination. Being such a good diuretic, it can help to treat fluid retention. As the result, you can include betel leaf to the boiled normal water and drink it every day to take care of certain urinary problems.

18. Goodies Muscular Problems

Grind betel leaves and blended them with the fundamental essential oil such as coconut oil or essential olive oil to be employed on your skin. Then, you may use betel leaves oil to massage the trunk as a cure for the muscular problems. Also, having betel leaves oil can rest from back pain, inflammation, and bloating as well.

19. Boosts Body Metabolism

Normal PH level that betel leaf works for causes the flow of the intestines to soak up important nutrients and nutrients. Since it helps to take away the waste and poisons in the belly, then it is effective to increase the performance of body metabolism system.

20. Encourages Good Alertness

Betel leaf is such a good drink to help you retain your body health. Not merely for the, it also increases your mental health. Getting a teaspoon of betel leaf drink regularly can enable you to improve alertness. Further, the fantastic nutrients included promoting the body energy to execute a whole lot of great works.

21. Promotes Teeth's Health

By gnawing a betel leaf, it can help you to get fresh breathing and cleanses the mouth area. Indeed, betel leaf has a great role to safeguard against germs, bacterias and other dental pathogens in the mouth area. Because of this, not limited to those function but also betel leaf really helps to deal with teeth decay and fortify the gums. Have betel leaf in drinking water to gargle each day and nights daily to get the best benefits. Furthermore, additionally, you can have various spices to market teeth's health including to take fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Indeed, they are really a great support freshener to resolve many dental problems.

22. Helps bring about Vaginal Hygiene

Betel leaf may have good cleaning properties because of the occurrence of antiseptic and antifungal benefits. Therefore, it is effective to treat genital cleanliness. Women can make betel leaf a good home cure by boiling betel leaves and make use of it as a genital clean. Indeed, betel leaf is an extremely great natural cure to take care of diseases as well as purifying body organs.

23. Goodies Earache

Factors behind an earache will come to vary scheduled to different attacks and swelling of the exterior, middle, or internal ear. However, the complexities can include the sunburn dermatitis, microbe infections, and trauma. Experiencing swelling about the outer hearing, fever, ear pain, scratching, vertigo, and tinnitus are the pursuing symptoms of an earache. As the effect, having betel leaf drink or oil is a superb idea to take care of an earache. For the tips, you can blend the betel leaf drink with coconut engine oil and put two drops in the ear canal.

24. Stop Nosebleeding

A nosebleed can show a serious medical condition. Besides, the sources of nosebleed are various like the symptoms of the allergic attack, high blood circulation pressure, or even the symptoms of leukemia. As the effect, if the nosebleed occurs, you can spin the new betel business lead and put it in the nasal area. Then, it can help you to avoid the blood circulation. To cure nosebleed by using betel leaf, all you need to do is just take a betel leaf. Press it to release the valuable chemical oil. After that, roll the leaf and plug it into the nose hole that is bleeding. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the bleeding stops. Go to hospital or doctor to find out the cause of the nosebleed.

25. Serves as An Aphrodisiac

Among the health, great things about betel leaf are usually to be an aphrodisiac. Gnawing betel leaf will promote great love and fertility. Also, it can bring about the development of sex human hormones. In addition, you could have other aphrodisiac foods such as chili, delicious chocolate, banana, and watermelon to improve the disposition and induces thoughts of pleasure.

26. Treats Anxious Pains

Nerve pain can reveal the symptoms of certain health issues including diabetes, cancer tumor, and other diseases. Nerve pain is often known as the burnup and pinpricks sense which occurs to the people usually with stress and anxiety and depression. Alternatively, betel leaf is also regarded as beneficial as the natural treatment for anxious pains. Because of this, enjoying a teaspoon of betel leaf drink twice each day can help you to eliminate anxious pains.

27. Promotes Liver organ Function

Tannin is an advantageous compound within tea, cocoa, and Burgandy or merlot wine. Further, because of the occurrence of tannin in Betel leaf, then it has a job in promoting liver organ function. Not merely for this, tannin also really helps to prevent cellular harm which might cause a tumor. Hence, you can take in betel leaf as well as berries fruit to satisfy the tannin nutrition as well.

While you have browsed the health benefits associated with betel leaf above, then browse the following statements to check on what are the wonder treatments of betel leaf.

28. Prevents Body Odour

Add the betel drink in your shower to avoid from body odor. This concoction can help stay fresh to the body all day every day. Because of this, insurance firms betel leaf you can avoid the annoying smell of body perspiration.

29. Prevents Acne

Because of the occurrence of antiseptic and antifungal gain, betel leaf consumes stopping acne. As the outcome, it helps to take care of skin area ulceration, itchiness, and allergy symptoms. Also, the fantastic antiseptic and antifungal properties work to treat skin area infections.

30. Helps bring about Beauty Skin

If you wish to have beauty and clear pores and skin, try to rinse that person with betel leaves. Because of this, it can help you to help ease from acne and dark locations. For the tips, you can combine betel leaves drink with essential olive oil or rosewater to be always a natural face cleaner. Consequently, you should have such a beauty and healthy pores and skin through the use of natural properties to that person.

31. Prevents Epidermis Problems

You could have betel leaf drink to be employed externally on your skin. Then, it can help you to take care of your skin diseases including psoriasis and dermatitis. This beauty treatment is from the occurrence of antiseptic and antifungal properties which betel leaf has. Indeed, by protecting against the occurrence of any bad microbial process on your skin, it'll promote the healthy pores and skin for sure.

32. Snacks Wounds

The vitamin supplements C within betel leaf will speed up your skin healing process. You could grind betel leaves and applied it to the wound area. Also, the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which betel leaf has is effective to avoid the progress of any microbes.

33. Takes out Warts

Another beauty good thing about betel leaf is just how it can benefit to eliminate warts. It really is known that natural medication to eliminate warts won't leave marks and works effectively.


Betel leaf really provides excellent health advantages you might never be expected. Then, as you have previously known medical great things about betel leaf, you might consider taking betel leaf as your food option. Moreover, you could have a wholesome and scrumptious menu with betel leaves. For example, you can include betel leaves to your selected garlic rice or just add these to your roasted or grilled poultry and beef to get nutritional tastes. Indeed, with the addition of betel leaf to your meal, you'll get two times kicked benefits that you'll never repent. Hence, take in betel leaf to any extent further to help to promote your current body health.
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