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4 Classic Benefit Face Powders for Every Day Healthy Glow - Benefit Cosmetics has a number in its range of blushers and bronzers that are popular with women. The products are widely recognized targeting the modern woman with get up and go outlook. The benefits range of products is extensive but I am going to inform you of just 4 of their several amongst a popular range of face powders and primers.

Firstly, Hoola! This is a natural bronzer. The classic box design with a flower and two bamboos arranged in L shape on the box are unmistakable. Let us take a look at Benefit Hoola face make up powder. The box contents include a soft bristle brush with a soft matt brown face powder that exudes class and quality. The bristles brush is the right size to fit in thumb and index finger to apply it to your face. Benefit Hoola bronzing face powder will give you a sun-kissed glow in a swirl.

4 Classic Benefit Face Powders for Every Day Healthy Glow

Now let us look at Benefit Dandelion face powder. This is a shimmering satin shade that glides on and if you are out at night and got that tired look the Benefit Dandelion will come to your rescue in a quick one to touch upon your cheeks or light application all over. The Dandelion box comes with a soft bristle brush as well as the blusher. The powder is well compacted and will last for a long time. This is a popular product from the two geniuses residing in San Francisco. They really know what girls want. This blusher is ideal for achieving that natural glow late into the night.

Benefit Georgia works perfectly well with faces that have pink to peach undertones because it is a bright pink peach blusher. The box comes with an application brush, white soft bristles with a wooden style holder. Although, a little fiddly to hold the brush and swirl it in the small box, you will soon get used to this and will be glowing with peachy cheeks and a beaming smile. By the way, the box design is perfect. So, do not be overly concerned here. Just apply the Georgia blusher lightly to get the natural healthy looking glow.

Benefit Thrrrob spelled as written works perfectly well with faces that have Latin or Mediterranean undertones because it is a light pink blusher ideal for Latin or darker African faces. The box comes with an application brush, white soft bristles with a wooden style holder. The box says to turn on the flush and turn up the rush with throb as it is a 'turned on' face powder. If you lay it on a light across cheekbones, forehead, and chin. The results are amazing. It's a turn on!

These 4 blusher bronzers are considered essential for the modern woman on the go. The powders are easily applied with the swirl of the brush and a quick upward stroke on the cheeks. You can also do a light brush all over to give you that healthy glow.


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