Amazing Benefits of Calcium

Amazing Benefits of Calcium

Advertisement - The main health benefit of calcium in the body is to ensure strong bone and teeth. Calcium is the main substance that makes up our bone. This nutrient is not manufactured in the body, thus it has to come from our diet. Growth and development in all ages cannot occur without adequate amounts of calcium in the body.

The work of calcium in the body does not end when growth stops. It is required for other functions in the body and bearing in mind that you lose great amounts of calcium daily.

This loss has to be replaced by taking more calcium, otherwise, the body will use the calcium reserved in the bones which might result in weak bones.

Note that when you consume enough quantities of calcium and vitamin D, you build enough bone mass which reduces your chances of bone loss that might occur later in life.

Amazing Benefits of Calcium

Health Benefits

Research shows that calcium supplementation not only reduces bone loss and the incidence of fractures but may slightly increase bone mass, even in the very old. It is also clear that supplements are very effective in increasing and maintaining your bone density.

Other benefits of calcium include prevention or reduction high blood pressure and childhood obesity. Calcium also lowers the risk of colon cancer. It is also essential for muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

An increasing calcium intake throughout the lifespan can benefit the skeleton. Where dietary sources are scarce supplementation has a significant positive benefit to the skeleton.

It is an important nutrient for healthy bone fragments, gums, and teeth. Doctors recommend women to have calcium supplements, specifically those who show early on signals of bone problems such as osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Strengthens Bones

Calcium mineral strengthens the backbone, helps lessen the occurrence of back again pain, and helps to keep the bone fragments in their proper form. It also inhibits joint disease and osteoporosis, which could hamper your liberty of movement and become extremely painful calcium mineral benefits infographic

Weight Loss

Calcium effectively assists with maintaining optimal body weight in both men and women. When there is any scarcity of the mineral in what you eat, your body will have a tendency to release parathyroid hormone, which stimulates the bone fragments to release it into the bloodstream. This retains the balance. On the other hand, the parathyroid hormone also stimulates the creation of fats and avoids its breakdown, which can consequently cause you to obese. Basically, ensure that you are taking the right amount of calcium mineral so that excess weight will not creep in.

Protects Cardiac Muscles

It helps to protect your heart and soul muscles. Sufficient levels of this essential nutrient can help cardiac muscles agreement and relax properly. In addition, it helps the stressed system maintain an effective pressure in your arteries. When there is a calcium mineral drop, a hormone called calcitriol is released, which deals with the soft muscles of the arteries, in that way increasing the blood circulation pressure. Cardiac muscles need extracellular calcium mineral ions for contraction. If the intracellular awareness of calcium raises, the ions collect alongside one another on the proteins troponin. This stimulates the secretion of extracellular smooth and the intracellular stores, including that of the skeletal muscle, which is merely activated by calcium mineral stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum.


Adequate calcium stops the entire risk of cancer of the colon and suppresses the expansion of polyps that can result in tumors. Its supplementation reduces the chance of adenomas as well as nonmalignant tumors of the digestive tract. This is really a precursor to cancer of the colon, but it's still as yet not known if calcium mineral intake minimizes the cancers risk completely. The surplus mineral is kept in your intestines after your system absorbs what it requires. Coming through the bowel, this unabsorbed calcium mineral is thought to bind to the cancers promoters so they're excreted collectively from your body. Studies show that both food options and its own supplements provide this defensive impact. The supplements should be studied in a liquid form because liquid natural vitamins absorb 5 times much better than the pills.

Reduces Premenstrual Depression

Adequate levels of calcium mineral lessen the symptoms of premenstrual symptoms like dizziness, ambiance swings, hypertension, and many more. Low degrees of the nutrient might trigger the discharge of the human hormones that are in charge of premenstrual spirits swings including irritability and unhappiness.

Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are in fact crystallized debris of calcium mineral and other mineral deposits in the human being urinary tract. The most frequent form of kidney rocks is oxalate rocks. Recently, it was thought a high consumption or high absorption of the vitamins develop kidney rocks, but latest studies also show a high dietary calcium mineral intake decreases the chance of kidney rocks substantially. Other factors like high oxalate intake from leafy fruit and vegetables like kale and spinach, as well as reduced smooth utilization, can also end up being a huge cause for kidney rocks.

Control buttons Alkaline pH Level

Junk food, unnecessary sugars, and maintained food items donate to forming acidity in the torso, which could bring about various conditions like a tumor, kidney rocks, and hypertension. Calcium mineral helps maintain a wholesome pH level, in that way bettering your vitality and general health.


Research has explained that a vegetarian diet plan with high levels of calcium mineral, magnesium, potassium, and fibers will cause a regulated blood circulation pressure. While other research workers figured increased intake leads to hypertension. Later, it was seen that the explanation for such assorted results was because these studies examined the result of single nutrition as opposed to the food options having that dietary content. The Countrywide Institutes of Health conducted a study analysis called "Dietary Methods to Stop Hypertension (DASH)". The "typical North American" diet was weighed against two changed diets which were rich in vegetables & fruits and a combo "DASH" diet filled with fruits, fruit and vegetables, and calcium mineral. The results exhibited a decreased blood vessels pressure.

To greatly help test the put together the effect of nutrition including calcium mineral from food on blood circulation pressure, a report was conducted to research the impact of varied eating habits on blood circulation pressure. This study reviewed the consequences of three different diets on high blood circulation pressure and discovered that the combined ramifications of various foodstuffs still proved it to be beneficial in conditions of blood circulation pressure.

Dental Care

Calcium helps to protect your tooth by keeping the jaw bone strong and strong during your life, which ensures tight fitted teeth where bacterias cannot prosper. Thus, before your pearly whites and gums start providing you any trouble, make certain to keep a calcium-rich diet. Its absorption should be high, especially at young age ranges, so that children can expand up with the strong tooth.

Best Calcium Foods

Here are 15 foods that are rich in calcium, many of which are non-dairy.

1. Seeds
2. Cheese
3. Yogurt
4. Sardines and Canned Salmon
5. Beans and Lentils
6. Almonds
7. Whey Protein
8. Some Leafy Greens
9. Rhubarb
10. Fortified Foods
11. Amaranth
12. Edamame and Tofu
13. Fortified Drinks
14. Figs
15. Milk

How to Increase Calcium Intake

Increasing your daily intake by 1000 mg per day may be accomplished by use of dietary supplements, consuming foods fortified with calcium, or ingesting more dairy products. All these three are roughly equal in terms of bioavailability of the calcium they contain.

Food sources are more expensive than dietary supplement sources, but they are great sources of other nutrients other than calcium alone.

The cost of adding 1000 mg of calcium to the diet would be less than a quarter a day for most calcium supplements.

Whether to change overall dietary habits to make room for more calcium foods or simply to add calcium supplement is your choice.

Many people today consider taking supplements to be the easier route. However, your most convenient option is the best for you thus it is worth spending money and other costs. Whichever source of calcium you prefer, ensure that you consume enough and soon than later, you will realize a healthy you!


Calcium, being the main mineral, will get neglected the most. Children usually fuss about having dairy and finally stop drinking dairy altogether. It ought to be well known that such deficiencies can bring about many diseases in the future. If dairy and milk products are not attractive, try to incorporate these elements with other cereals and make dishes that involve dairy and milk products. However, all health supplement stores and pharmacists have supplements in their stores, though it certainly is recommended to have a physician's advice prior to starting any therapeutic treatment.

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