Discover the Benefits of Vitamins - Essential Nutrition For Your Body

Discover the Benefits of Vitamins - Essential Nutrition For Your Body

Advertisement - There are dozens of benefits of vitamins. That's probably an understatement, too. If you think about it, there are 13 vitamins, which is just over one dozen. Each of these vitamins has their own series of benefits, so altogether there must be hundreds of benefits of vitamins.

We all know that vitamins are good for us and should be included in our diet. But sometimes you need to know the specific benefits in order to really be motivated and ensure you get the vitamins you need. Other times, we are motivated but don't eat the proper kinds of foods to ensure we ingest all of the vitamins our body needs in sufficient quantities.

Discover the Benefits of Vitamins - Essential Nutrition For Your Body

The first thing to remember is that each vitamin prevents at least one illness resulting from a deficiency of that particular vitamin. For example, scurvy is the direct result of a deficiency of vitamin C. All of the vitamins protect your body and your health, to begin with by preventing serious illnesses and health problems such as this.

From there, the sky is really the limit with the benefits of vitamins. One overlooked benefit is that you can increase your metabolism and lose weight by taking the proper vitamins. Several of the vitamins in the B complex help promote the efficiency of your metabolic and digestive processes. One of the key vitamins to do that is vitamin B7 or biotin.

Staying in the B complex, vitamin B9 is very important for pregnant women. It can help to prevent birth defects and keep your developing child in good health. Vitamin B12 helps a range of problems, from depression to nerve weakness.

Vitamin C is known for its ability to help prevent sicknesses and help your body recover from them quicker. This is because vitamin C helps to boost the immune system. In fact, several vitamins help to boost the immune system by stimulating the production of various different immune system cells, from B cells that produce antibodies to natural killer cells and T cells.

Vitamin D is known for its ability to keep your bones, as well as your teeth, healthy. Getting enough vitamin D throughout your lifetime is important so that you build up the bone strength you will need at an older age when your body naturally begins to lose bone mass. While most people know about vitamin D, not everyone realizes the benefits of vitamin K, which helps with crucial processes surrounding blood clotting.

Many vitamins are also antioxidants. That means that besides their typical benefits they also combat free radicals in your body. This helps to slow down the aging process and also helps fight off dangerous illnesses such as cancers and muscle degeneration. Vitamins that are antioxidants include vitamins A, C, and E.

It would be impossible to list out all of the benefits of vitamins in one single article. Research is still being done which results in new findings and new health benefits of vitamins. Their importance to your health both in the short term and the long term cannot be overstated.

So how can you assure yourself of receiving these benefits? The most effective way is to be taking a daily multi-vitamin. At this point, I know many readers of this article are saying, "I've never noticed any benefit from taking vitamins." If this is true for you, the reason may be due to one of several things.

In order for you to receive the benefits of vitamins you take, a multi-vitamin must contain a wide range of nutrients. Look for enzymes, herbal extracts and amino acids in addition to vitamins and minerals. The most effective vitamins supplements will contain in excess of 70 ingredients, all of which come from natural sources, not synthetic. Several recent studies have even shown that synthetic vitamins are hard on the body and can weaken its ability to fight disease.

Vitamins also need to be designed in such a way that they are easily absorbed into the body. Most cheap drug store vitamin may have some of the ingredients you want, but because of the binders used on them, they often pass through your body without being dissolved. Other nutrients may be damaged or destroyed by stomach acid.

To avoid both of these problems, a multi-nutrient vitamin supplement should use an enteric coating. This protects the nutrients until they enter the intestines where the coating is dissolved and the nutrients are easily absorbed.

There you have it. Vitamins are essential to any aspect of the health of the body and mind. A multi-nutrient vitamin supplement will provide the vitamins and many other nutrients that your body needs. Taking this kind of a supplement will quickly even out moods, increase your cognitive abilities and provide you with more energy.

These are the first things you will notice. However, that is just the beginning of the benefits of vitamins. Soon you will notice improved muscle tone and a strengthened immune system. If you don't notice these improvements in your health, its time to look for a supplement that will truly work for you.

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