Impessive Health Benefits of Banaba Tea

Impessive Health Benefits of Banaba Tea

Advertisement - Banaba tea can be an herbal preparation created by producing the leaves and blooms of the banaba seed, which bears the clinical name Lagerstroemia speciosa. This flowering vegetable is situated in various parts of Asia, including India and the Philippines, where it is definitely used for the treating many medical ailments. Being this important part of traditional drugs in those areas, it was only a subject of their time before this effective herbal tea became known about the world.

With the hazardous side-effects of many conventional synthetic drugs, more and more people are searching for alternative remedies. It is therefore not surprising to witness the sudden boon that the herbal medicine industry is experiencing these days.

Impessive Health Benefits of Banaba Tea

Yet people should be wary. Many unethical entrepreneurs are marketing so-called wonder herbs that do not have beneficial therapeutic effects. When it comes to choosing alternative herbal medicines, people should consider only products that are proven to be safe and effective.

One such outstanding example is banaba tea. Made from the leaves of the tropical tree Lagerstroemia  speciosa (commonly known in the Philippines as banaba), this bitter-tasting tea does not pose any danger to human health. It has been used for centuries in the Philippines as a remedy for various conditions.

Effective in Fighting Diabetes

One of the most well-known health benefits of banaba is its anti-diabetic properties. The ability of banaba tea to treat diabetes is not just a myth. There have been numerous scientific studies that have validated the efficacy of banaba in fighting diabetes.

Researchers have discovered that banaba leaves contain corosolic acid among other compounds. What researchers have found out is that corosolic acid has properties similar to insulin. Corosolic acid actively lowers concentrations of glucose. Diabetes patients, especially those with type 2 diabetes, do not have the ability to control glucose levels in their system. Tea from banaba tree helps diabetics because it has corosolic acid that can maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Potent Anti-Gout Medicine

Gout is a debilitating condition that affects many individuals across the world. It is a type of arthritis and accounts for about 5% of all cases of arthritis. While there are many effective conventional gout medications out in the market, many gout patients complain that they suffer from unwanted side-effects from these drugs.

Individuals who have used the popular gout drug zyloprim have complained of experiencing unwanted after-effects. Diarrhea, nausea, and loss of appetite are some of the common side-effects arising from zyloprim consumption. Likewise, those who have used colchicine, another common anti-gout drug, complained of acute abdominal pain, vomiting, and other similar side-effects experienced by zyloprim users.

Banaba tea, on the other hand, is a very natural and safe remedy for gout. Filipinos have been boiling banaba leaves for centuries to treat gout. What recent scientific studies have discovered is that leaves from banaba tree contain valoneic acid dilactone (VAD), a compound that stops the enzyme xanthine oxidase from transforming xanthine to uric acid. The excessive uric acid in the bloodstream will be deposited in joints. When uric acid settles in a particular joint, it precipitates into needle-like crystals, causing extreme pain every time a gout patient moves an affected joint. Take away excessive synthesis of uric acid and you prevent crystalline uric acid from forming in the joints.

Zyloprim and colchicine act in the same way as VAD to treat gout, but both contain active compounds that pose unwanted side-effects. VAD from banaba leaves, in contrast, stops production of excessive uric acid without causing any discomfort.

Relieves Urinary Tract and Kidney Problems

People who are having problems urinating should consider drinking banaba tea. Compounds contained in L. speciosa leaves have diuretic properties that help ease urination. Also, tea from the banaba plant can be effectively used to remedy minor urinary tract infections as it contains antibacterial compounds.

There are millions across the world who are suffering from various forms of kidney problems. While there are conventional medicines and therapies that can help ease kidney problems, many of these are expensive. Those who are suffering from mild kidney problems may also benefit from regularly drinking banaba tea. Leaves of the banaba tree contain compounds that effectively flush bad elements from the kidney. And the great thing is banaba tea is very cheap.

How To Make Banaba Tea?

After getting your dried banaba tea leaves, you will want to prepare them properly to get the full effect of this tea.

Step 1 – Add 2 teaspoons of the dried banaba leaves to a tea infuser.
Step 2 – Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and pour over leaves.
Step 3 – Steep for 3-4 minutes before straining, adding lemon, and serving hot.

Side Effects

If you are taking diabetes medication, speak to your doctor before adding this tea, as it could cause dangerous complications. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not recommended to drink this potent tea, as it can affect hormonal levels in various ways.

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