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Wonderful Health Benefits of Vilvam, Bael Or Bilva Fruit And Leaves - Vilvam is rich in alkaloids, polysaccharides, antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin B, and many other biochemical substances. It also contains tannins, calcium, phosphorous, iron, protein, and fiber. The 100 gram of Bael contains the following nutrients: Calorific value (137 Kcal), Moisture (61.5g), Protein (1.8g), Fat (.3g), Minerals (1.7g), Fiber (2.9g), Carb (31.8mg), Calcium (85mg), Phosphorous (50mg), Iron (.7mg), Beta-carotene (55 UG), Thiamine (.13mg ), Niacin (1.1mg), Vitamin C (8 mg), Potassium (600mg) and Copper (.21 mg).   
Vilvam or also known as Bael, Stone Apple, or Bilva is well-known among the sacred plant life in India, thus you will get them everywhere so long as you enter this beautiful country. The Indian people likewise have some philosophy relating to this plant. The place that is also popular as the Aegle Marmelos is stated as the medication via Siddha and Ayurveda. As this flower is claimed because of this, the Indian people get this to vegetable valuable as the best medicine amongst others.

Wonderful Health Benefits of Vilvam, Bael Or Bilva Fruit And Leaves

The health benefits associated with Vilvam aren't limited by the leaves only, but also other areas including the fruits, stem and the main. The condition of the fruits itself is spherical thus sometimes it appears like an area Indonesian orange which is often green-colored.

In Asia itself, this Vilvam vegetable is often called the Maja fruits that includes a bitter taste. Furthermore, it has its philosophy which relates to the building of Majapahit, one of Indonesian famous. Indonesian folks have been knowing medical benefits associated with the Vilvam seed since many years back. Therefore, in this country, using the Vilvam as a drug is a common use. 

Health Benefits of Vilvam 

As we've discussed earlier, we can get medical benefits associated with Vilvam flower from any elements of the plant beginning with the super fruit and leaves. Based on the research, each one of the elements of Vilvam plant comes with an antibiotic element which is good to be utilized in recovering some varieties of health problems even the serious one. Then, what exactly are the health great things about Vilvam flower that you can get?

Listed below are the short explanations about the huge benefits you'll get from this plant


When you have a difficulty with the bloodstream sugar which brings about diabetes, you can ingest this herb to grab yourself healed. In cases like this, the part you can use is the leaves. You are able to process the Vilvam leaves as a herbal tea. The procedure is fairly simple.

To begin with, you ought to have around 7 Vilvam leaves to be boiled. From then on, you can boil them with around 200 ml of normal water. Once you obtain the boiled leaves done, you can drink the tea regularly up to three times each day. 

Prickly Heat

Although this problem commonly happens to children, you can find a large opportunity for men and women to obtain the impact of prickly temperature. Therefore, whether you are a grown-up or your kids maybe have prickly warmth, you can simply just use the Vilvam leaves as the drugs. Unlike the prior article about the treatments of Vilvam leaves for diabetes, the procedure for the prickly high-temperature medicine is somewhat more complicated.

The very first thing you must do is dry out the Vilvam leaves. To truly have a maximum result, you will need to incorporate it with the turmeric rhizome and the grain. Once you get all the elements set, you will need to dry all of them and make it sieved until it becomes such as a loose natural powder. Finally, you can put it to use for the prickly high temperature of yours.


If the prior points will be the health great things about Vilvam leaves, now we will clarify medical benefits associated with the Vilvam super fruit that can treat diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of the very most bad diseases that the vast majority of the people ever before experienced throughout their life.

Therefore, if you have diarrhea, be sure to have your very best treatment and remedies with the Vilvam fruits. This place can mend your diarrhea if you eat it by boiling the fruits into 110 ml of drinking water and drink it once a day. 


The very last thing that completes the set of the health great things about Vilvam vegetable is the medication for fever. When you have this disease on your system, you may make the medicine on your own with the main of the Vilvam seed.

As with the prior tips, you can boil the main and drink it regularly once a day to obtain a maximum effect and treatment of the Vilvam flower. Not merely great using its ability to repair the fever, the Vilvam plant's main can even be used to repair a higher heartbeat which is also regarded as a quite serious problem. 

Cautions :

Although there are extensive health great things about Vilvam leaves and other areas of its vegetable, there are also several cautions you will need to consider. First of all, the Vilvam place is dangerous to be used by women throughout a pregnancy. Second, you cannot take in this plant without the consultation and authorization from the doctors.

How can it be so? The Vilvam herb has a capacity to diminish the blood sugar which relates to a specific disease. Therefore, be sure to have already got an appointment with your physician before you take in this plant.


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